Innovative Training Solutions

Designed to Engage Employees and Improve Performance

At Prairie Design Solutions we create training that is innovative and interactive. Our goal is to help your team members learn their job responsibilities and then apply what they learned to new situations.

What type of training can we help your company need help with?

Custom Training

Customized to fit your company’s needs

Custom Training Solutions

Innovative Digital Training Solutions leveraging innovative techniques and technology.

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Digital Training

Using a variety of digital platforms

Digital Training Solutions

Self-paced Digital Training Solutions that will engage the learner.

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Hands-On Learning

Instructor/virtual instructor led training.

Hands-On Learning

Instructor or Virtual Instructor-led Training Solutions designed with “hands-on” training experiences.

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What our clients say

“We have loved working with Prairie Design Solutions. Not only are the staff compassionate and creative in their work, but they were very fast at what they do and easy to work with! I cannot recommend them enough for all your design needs!”
– Dr. Josh

Creating Lifelong Learners

Prairie Design Solutions can help your company develop a learning culture of lifelong learners. This culture encourages learners to pursue learning on their own through techniques such as competitiveness, social opportunities, and personal development. It occurs through a combination of formal and informal learning leveraging point boards, social media groups, webinars, and more. It includes using learning techniques such as:

Immersive Learning

We leverage digital learning tools to create immersive learning environments through alternate reality, augmented reality, gaming, and virtual worlds where the learner explores concepts and skills in a highly engaging way.

Soft Skills Learning

Soft skills learning focuses on concepts such as communication skills, building culture, coaching, teamwork, and strategic thinking. Prairie Design Solutions has soft skills experts who can create effective solutions where learners can explore and apply these skills in engaging ways.