Hands-On Learning

Instructor or Virtual Instructor-led Training Solutions

At Prairie Design Solutions, we design our training solutions with a “hands-on” approach to boost learning . This provides your learners with an engaging way to directly apply skills and concepts in a safe environment before applying them on the job.

  • Blended – Prairie Design Solutions’ blended approach combines Digital Training and instructor-led training (ILT) or virtual instructor-led (VILT) options into a customized mix designed to fully engage the learner.

  • Microlearning – Tired of sitting through long learning sessions? We build “bite-sized” learning moments that help employees quickly learn in the moment of need such as short videos, quizzes, games, scenarios, and simulations.

  • Gamification – Our specialists immerse the learner in the solution by engrossing the learner in a game. Contact us to discover what our gaming experts can build for you.

  • Animation – We incorporate animation into solutions through video, characters, gifs, icons, and other elements to simplify complex topics and create better learning retention through engaging content.

  • Storytelling – Once upon a time, an amazing learning solution trained all the employees in a day and increased productivity 100%! Our professionals know how to craft a story that pulls learners in quickly and allows for increased knowledge transfer.